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Museo Egizio - Guide [English]

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The official Guide of Museo Egizio is the passe-partout to discover and understand the masterpieces of the Turin collection. Thanks to 250 pictures, infographics, data sheets and maps, this book is the perfect guide for visitors along the new galleries of the Museo Egizio.

Full-colour, handy and complete. Franco Cosimo Panini Editore presents the new Guide of the Museo Egizio in Turino, the first official guide performed after the re-opening of the museum, occured in April. The books follows step by step the new guided tour, by showing the notewhorthy finds of all the galleries, starting from the ones dedicated to the history of the museum up the the last and spectacular Gallery of Kings.

This guide has been realized under the scientific supervision of Christian Greco (director Museo Egizio) and Federico Poole (curator Museo Egizio) and illustrates all the objects by way of a precise and comprehensible language.

This guide has got an handy format for being used easily during the tour. It is divided into 4 parts which correspond to the 4 floors of the building. Each part comes out with a colour and with a flap: this way makes the guide even easier to use for checking where the objects are and where the visitor is.

Moreover, the guide is useful, after the tour, to remember the objects seen and to go into several topics throughly: infographics, data sheets, timelines and maps enable the visitor to have a better comprehension of each item linked to the Ancient Egypt. The very rich picture archive – 250, among them breathtaking historical pictures of the excavation campaigns – presents a real gallery of masterpieces of the Museo Egizio in Turin.

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CollanaMuseo Egizio
Tipologiapaperback with flaps
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